Mahatma Gandhi Mission
Institute of Management
(Affiliated to Dr.Babasaheb Ambedker Marathwada University, Aurangabad and Approved by AICTE & DTE)    
( NAAC Accredited - Grade 'A' )
ISO 9001:2015 and 14064:2006 Certified.

Skill Development


Distinctive to any other B-school MGM’s IOM innovatively conducts presentation session for students. We believe that individual and group presentations on contemporary subjects are one of the best methods to enhance inquiring attitude, reasoning and presentation skills. By working in small groups to develop and prepare presentations, participants experience the challenges associated with group responsibility, collective decision-making and persuasive communication. The integrative module exercises typically lead to experiences that enhance participants' ability to express their ideas clearly and convincingly. Every faculty member will be assigned the task to act as a mentor for a group. Mentoring here means a lot more than guidance or coaching rather it is seen as an opportunity to stimulate the learning quotient thereby enriching the knowledge reservoir.

Group Discussions

As an added feature of our teaching methodology we at IOM consistently thrust upon the group discussions as a method to groom the affective and cognitive domains of the students’. Group discussions not only encourage students to exchange their own experiences but also foster positive peer support and feeling of belongingness. Groups discussions at IOM are made more lively and valuable as the themes of the same are based on the contemporary issues. This activity brings students closer to the issues like social, political, economical, cultural, technological and many more.

Book Reviews

With a conviction that reading is an active mental process that enhances reasoning skills of an individual, we also actively engage our students in the book review activity. Students participate in reviewing books related to management, fiction, economics, spirituality, technology, autobiography etc and will present their learning to the class.

Case Studies

Case studies are an integral part of the learning experience at IOM. Case based learning provides the students with an enriched learning experience and motivates to justify the individual thought process. Extensive discussions on the case studies impart the students to live the real business situations and strengthen the rational decision making skills.


Guest lectures on current corporate practices provide a vital learning. The eminent corporate personalities share their knowledge and experiences that are very useful for the practicing managers. The Q&A session after the guest lecture is a venture where our students confirm their learning and understanding about the topic.

Business Plans

Imparting the students with a hands-on experience of the corporate world we have adopted the business plan activity. This activity demands the students to envisage a business from scratch with minute details of the functions involved. To aid the students for a better understanding we also practice the mock presentations for this activity.

Industry oriented: Mini Project Activity

Understanding the skeleton of an organization by the means of secondary data requires a specialized training & knowledge. Speaking about the motive behind this activity we find that apart from familiarizing to the organization, interpreting the Annual reports of an organization is also a vital learning. Fresh students are required to study a given industry and they prepare a project report and give a presentation on the company.

Industry oriented: Major Project Activity

As the course proceeds to the final year the students have to again join hands with a company and study the issues in their respective specialization in the form of a project. This is an exclusive activity and in depth research of a particular issue or a problem is carried out and recommendations and suggestions are offered to the company.

Internal Examinations

Internal assessment at IOM is very scientifically designed and transparent process. Internal assessment is based on all ingredients of academic life. It is based on attendance of students, internal examinations (mid-term & prelim), assignments, workbooks and conduct & behavioral aspects of students. This is primarily to inculcate habit of hard work, consistency in performance and better assimilation.

Club Activities

Club activities are at utmost importance for practical having outside the syllabus and to develop leadership qualities. Four clubs are functioning for MBA and MCA students to carry out various focused activities in the institute in coordination with different committees. Names of the clubs and their activities are as under:

  • Finserv: Finance Club
  • Humanagers: HR Club
  • Marketing: Marketing Club
  • e-Novation: IT Club.

It is compulsory for MBA student to be a member of any of the first three clubs. MCA students are members of e-Novation IT Club.

Virtual Campus Interviews

To prepare for the campus interviews, interviews are organized so that the student gets the feel of corporate interview.

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests are conducted for the students so that they will appear for the campus tests confidently.

Technical Tests

Technical tests will be conducted to enhance students’ technical tests and to prepare them for technical tests conducted during campus recruitment.

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